Bacon Drunk in 2012, the Full Review. Plus, Amazingly, Bacon.

Bacon Drunk in 2012, the Full Review. Plus, Amazingly, Bacon.
Fried bacon upon other fried things. And bacon.

The year 2012 very well may go down as the year bacon got knighted. Or killed. Not sure which. Regardless, for better or worse, America had a clamorous affair with bacon this year. No longer a breakfast side item, bacon is now a main course, also a condiment, vodka, a scarf, an essence, a destination location, a mascot for gluttony. Shame begets shame. Nothing is safe from bacon. Let bacon ring. One nation under bacon, with liberty and bacon for all and may we forever celebrate every crackling pop of the food that fries in its own fat.

So, put on some sweatpants and tilt the recliner all the way back and rehash with us our favorite bacon dispatches of the year.

The Bacon Fat Bar from Dude, Sweet Chocolate
The Bacon Fat Bar from Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Bacon Fat in the Hands of Dude, Sweet Chocolate Technically a 2011 event, it still merits acknowledgement. This "stunner" cookie is made with bacon fat. Yes, bacon fat. This one cookie is reason enough to own a Facebook account just so you'll know when Dude, Sweet Chocolate decides to whip up another batch.

Bacon Soda at Lockhart We fancy many of the carnivorous creations at Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts district. However, with bacon soda, things were ... different.

An Ode to Bacon from Alice Laussade Love can be a really confusing and difficult at times, as Alice discovered earlier this year when she tried to put her feelings about bacon on paper. Or in the keyboard. Or something like that.

Bacon on BuzzFeed (They Killed It) We shouldn't have been surprised when the new BuzzFeed Food site pulled together a collage of bacon so over-the-top it was actually a bit unappetizing. You'll need a shower and perhaps some Listerine after looking at their 11 Ways to Cook Bacon that Will Probably Kill You. We know you'll rebound quickly though.

The Bacon Alarm Clock Waking up never smelled so good. This alarm clock warms up precooked bacon with a pair of halogen light bulbs, and four minutes later, BAM!, your olfactory senses are awakened.

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