B.B.Bop: Try a Korean Super Bowl

The specialty dish at B.B.Bop's is the Korean dish bibimbap (which sounds exactly the same if you say it drunk or sober), or as their signage describes it: rice bowls. The restaurant offers a couple of different roads for your rice bowl experience: build-your-own (for you picky bitches) or order one of their already-built-for-you specialties (for you lazy bitches).

Lazy bitch that I am, I ordered The Old School (grilled beef, egg, spinach, pickled carrots and cabbage, zucchini, rice and traditional red pepper sauce), which is $7.95 for regular-sized and $8.95 for the large size.

The counter guy mentioned that they had "some really nice teas" available, so instead of getting a Coke, I tried the hibiscus limeade tea. And one sip almost killed me. It tasted like watered down trashcan punch. Not that there's anything wrong with a nice, sophisticated trashcan punch. This was just the wrong time. I was there looking for lunch—not herpes.



B.B.Bop Rice Bowls 5323 Greenville Ave. 214-812-9342
Guy in a tie and tennis shoes count: 3 Gross ladybeard count: 1

And that's when I saw it: B.B.Bop's sauce bar. It's amazing. It's America blowing up all over Asian cuisine. Here, in this fatty fantasy land, you can get yellow coconut curry sauce (and about eight other sauces including peanut sauce, teriyaki sauce and Chinese roasted black bean sauce) self-serve out of giant condiment bottles. I'm surprised there weren't people just guzzling the stuff.

The Old School bowl was fantastic. The veggies were really fresh, the beef was spicy and sauces were great. B.B.Bop claims its food is a healthy lunch option, but don't let that turn you away. When a place has self-serve sauces, you can easily make any meal worth at least 1,000 calories.

One thing: B.B.Bop serves food in black Styrofoam containers, whether you're eating there or to-go. It's not the only restaurant that does this, but it still seemed wasteful as I watched every person dump a giant container in the trash on their way out the door. "AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!" The B.B.Bop website says, "Bring back your rice bowl, (or any bowl) and we'll give you a 25 cent discount on any bowl purchase." If I'm reading this right, there are two awesome options here: Bring back the black Styrofoam container, or—more awesomely—bring any bowl from anywhere and they'll feed you for 25 cents less than they're feeding everybody else. Sure, it might be a typo. And I might bring a toilet bowl next time I go just to find out whether it is or not.


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