bbbop's Coming Oak Cliff Location Will Be a Big One

This fried chicken will be all over DFW before you know it.
This fried chicken will be all over DFW before you know it.
Scott Reitz

It's no secret that co-owner Sandra Bussey and her partners plan to open additional locations of their fast-casual Korean restaurant bbbop. Even though each of her two restaurants is a little different, you can sense the potential for scalability in the dining rooms. That carefully crafted logo looks the part, too.

Bussey says she's been honing the concept with her partner and husband Greg and her brother Steven Shin, and they have the kinks worked out now. The restaurant on Lowest Greenville, with a patio and alcohol service, is emblematic of the restaurants customers will encounter as the team moves forward.

With one caveat. The Busseys live in Oak Cliff and have gotten sentimental about their third location because it will be close to home. At 3,500 square feet, the space on the corner of Davis and Tyler Streets (near Joy Macarons) is far larger than their target footprint. Bussey says that this one location will have a few extras compared with subsequent locations, which will closely mirror the Lowest Greenville spot.

bbbop Oak Cliff will sport televisions, an expanded menu and a massive patio for an experience with less focus on fast and more on the casual. If you happen to enjoy munching on Korean fried chicken while you chug beer and watch sports, Oak Cliff will be your spot. Bussey hopes to have the third location open in late August or early September.

From there it's anybody's guess, but based on the customers streaming in and out of the two Greenville Avenue locations, any space that's around 2,000 square feet with a patio and good foot traffic is a potential target. Expect Korean fried chicken to take over Dallas soon.

The bbbop on Upper Greenville
The bbbop on Upper Greenville
Scott Reitz
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