Before She Goes Vegan, Our Five Favorite Paula Deen Recipes (Or Are They Murder Plots?)

Oh, Paula, Paula, Paula. What happened? One day we're fat and happy making ooey-gooey monkey bread, the next we're being secretly photographed eating a burger on a cruise ship. Our gluttony has caught up with us.

But Paula and I go way back. Ours is a tried and true relationship, whipped together one cuppa sugar at a time. So before she switches over to whatever low-sugar, taste-like-cardboard treats, let's reflect on what we've shared.

Here are my top five recipes, for butter or worse.

5. Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes (photo above) Highlights: This fall favorite calls for a box of cake mix (less work), two sticks of butter and a package of cream cheese. If you thought you liked pumpkin pie, make this once and you'll have a new Thanksgiving Day staple.


4. Gorilla Bread Highlights: This recipe calls for one can of refrigerated biscuits (less work, again), and while there's only half of a stick of butter, I'm sure you could go ahead and throw the whole thing in. It also calls for a cup of packed brown sugar and a package of cream cheese. Once my friend and I ate this on the way to run in Palo Duro Canyon. That's the awesome thing about running -- you think you can eat whatever you want. I guess we all have that problem sometimes though.


3. Lemon Blossoms Highlights: These lemon-kissed pillows are made with a box of pudding and cake mix, then dunked in a citrus powdered-sugar glaze that accumulates in little pools on the top.They are a great springtime treat, but if spring isn't available, another season is.

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