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Bohemian Cafe Closes. Kolaches Will Return.

For most Dallasites, kolaches are a rite of passage during a trip to Austin, and most stop in West, where a number of bakeries turn out the pastries for drivers hurtling up and down Interstate 35. But those same Dallasites don't love kolaches enough to keep Bohemian Cafe open back at home. The bakery, which features freshly baked kolaches daily, closed recently, marking the third failed business at the Lowest Greenville address in as many years. 

While a hushed debate about a cursed address swirls around the neighborhood, note that Bohemian Cafe never seemed to do a brisk business. I stopped in for a few lunches and sometimes saw the space half full at best. The dining room was mostly empty many evenings as musicians belted out tunes on a sound system that flooded the tiny space.They served beer, but the space didn't function as a bar. It was just one of those odd businesses that tried to be too many things at once.

Still, the kolaches I had were as good as the ones you can buy at the Czech Stop in West, so fans should know that Bohemian Cafe is not down for the count. Owner Jason Horne plans to reopen his business in the Dallas Farmers Market soon.

And the market sounds like a perfect location for the place. Bohemian Cafe's strength was always in the kolache case, and unless you're on a road trip, kolaches are commonly thought of as breakfast food. On the weekends especially,  the farmers market is teeming with morning shoppers. Now they'll know what to eat before they start hunting for other local produce and products.

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