Bon Appetit Named Trompo's Al Pastor America's Taco of the Year — But Trompo Doesn't Serve Al Pastor

The wins just keep coming for Trompo. Ever since Bon Appetit named Trompo one of America's Best New Restaurants of 2016 last week, Trompo has been slammed — so slammed that owner Luis Olvera had to adopt the barbecue joint model by shutting down every day when Trompo inevitably runs out. Today, Bon Appetit awarded the West Dallas taqueria yet another accolade: They've named Trompo's al pastor taco the Taco of the Year:
Only one problem: As local taco scholar Jose Ralat first pointed out, Trompo doesn't serve al pastor. 

Olvera confirmed that no, he does not serve al pastor tacos, but he's been too swamped to contact Bon Appetit about the misunderstanding. Despite the simple mistake, Olvera has nothing to be mad about — he's sold out every day since Trompo was first praised by the national food magazine last week. 

In the grand scheme of things, this is by no means a huge indiscretion — it's possible that Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer, who named the three best tacos of 2016, ate a lot of tacos while working on this list, and sometimes mix-ups happen. At the same time, people get a little salty when big national publications swoop into their city to make sweeping, occasionally incorrect statements. Food writers are held often to impossible standards: misidentify a dish or ingredient and the pitchforks come out fast. (Hell, I screwed up when I recently called Trompo's Gringa quesadilla the Gringo. I was quickly corrected.) It's understandable, to a degree — people want to know that the writers given the awesome task of covering a city's intricate food scene actually know what the hell they're talking about. After we Tweeted at the story's writers inquiring about the taco mix-up, the magazine updated the story to list the proper taco. "Hey, thank you for the heads up," Kramer Tweeted. "Just spoke with Olvera and we're updating the post. Apologies for the error."

Regardless of Bon Appetit's gaffe, Trompo clearly deserves both their new accolades — and the massive influx of business that's come along with them. If you're curious about the difference between trompo and al pastor tacos, Ralat has a handy-dandy guide that breaks down the different style of tacos cooked on a vertical rotisserie. 
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