Boston Burger Has Little to Do Wth Boston and Everything to Do With Burgers: Delicious, Sloppy and On the Cheap

Drove up to Boston Burger totally excited to be magically whisked away to Boston. Would their burgers have baked beans and clam chowder on them? Would they be made of John Kerry and Mitt Romney?

The front door of the place is less than inviting, but open it. And once you get inside, the folks who work there are super inviting. Boston Burger is a product of the same people who brought you Michelle's Homestyle Cookin', and I'm pretty sure the staff is exactly the same group of people.

Sorry, I'm stringing you along just like that chick you wanna bone who keeps using you as the example of how "guys and girls can totally just be friends!" Boston Burger has a great lunch special that runs all week long: Monday through Friday you can get any burger combo for $4.99. Pick from 12 options including Boston Chili Burger, Boston Bacon Swiss Cheeseburger, Santa Fe Burger (What the balls? I thought we were in Boston) and—wait for it—Sloppy Joe. Saw that on the menu two seconds after I'd already ordered a different, less sloppy burger. Missing out on sloppage sucked almost as much as the fact that after seeing the words "Sloppy Joe," Adam Sandler's Lunch Lady haunted my head for days.


Boston Burger

Closed Location

Boston Burger 9205 Skillman St. 214-553-8585 Salads listed on the salad menu that weren�t coleslaw count: 2

That $4.99 gets you burger (or Joe), fries and a drink. I ordered the New England Burger ("blue" cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato, peppery-juicy-and-slim-but-in-that-"slim-is-better"-iPod-way-not-in-that-Calista-Flockhart-way deliciously melty burger patty) plus regular fries and a drink. (When painted into a "Which fries are better, the curly fries or the regular fries?" corner, lady behind the counter will tell you regular fries. And she's not lying. My co-diner ordered curly and had a serious case of fry envy.) My favorite part of the whole pre-food experience was going behind the bar to get my soda. They've got the fountain set up back there, and you just walk around and get yourself a bev. There's something sneaky-feeling about it that I enjoyed. Also enjoyable: There's KoolAid. KoolAid in a giant Igloo. "Oh yeeeah!"

Check out Boston Burger. If Wendy's is waaay better than fast food, this place is waaay better than Wendy's.


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