Brenner Lays The Smackdown On CraveDFW's Uchi News

Plates like this could be coming to Dallas! Or not.
Plates like this could be coming to Dallas! Or not.

CraveDFW posted a story yesterday that Uchi, the sushi restaurant in Austin that's earned considerable national attention, would be opening a location in Dallas in six to eight months. The writer was told the news by an unnamed manager after dining in the restaurant.

Eater confirmed the story with a representative from Uchi but the party was quickly halted by Leslie Brenner at The Dallas Morning News.

"Not exactly," wrote Brenner, after talking with the restaurant's publicist Sam Davidson. Davidson told her a Dallas location of Uchi "is not six to eight months out," adding that no lease has been signed, a location is still to be determined and the entire deal is not set in stone.

While the announcement is premature, a restaurant boasting Uchi-caliber cooking would be a welcomed addition the the Dallas dining scene. Their lemon gelato dessert was the most memorable plate I encountered on a recent trip to Austin.

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