Brewsters, Fort Worth's New Burger Joint, Has A Lot of Beer and Weird Burger Toppings

The loaded fries and Lakewood Hop Trapp IPA
The loaded fries and Lakewood Hop Trapp IPA
Jenni Hanley

If nothing else, Brewsters is proof that more is always better when it comes to burgers and beer. And bacon.

New to Fort Worth's burgeoning West 7th neighborhood, it joins American F+B, Rodeo Goat and a host of other crafty grub spots. But this place has a distinct, sporty vibe. With seven flat-screen TVs, you can watch your bracket get busted or see the Cowboys lose in high def.

That's where the beer comes in.

There are over 60 of them on tap, including plenty of Texas brews. It's all craft, if you ignore the "pilsner/light lager" section. The burgers range from your basic beef-and-bun combo to concoctions you've seen only in your hungriest dreams. And it's fast. "From me to the kitchen to your table in five minutes," claimed our waitress, "--faster than Jack-in-the-Box." Infinitely tastier, I might add.

The Peanut Butter Burger.
The Peanut Butter Burger.
Jenni Hanley

The MO here is strictly burgers and fries. Never one to back away from a challenge, I went head to head with the Big Kahuna burger, a signature sandwich piled with bacon, crumbled potato chips and signature sauce. Our waitress admitted to spilling so much of it on herself that her mystic tan came off.

If you're on a first date or some other occasion that precludes you from eating like a toddler, then a classier option is the burger in a bowl. On my second visit (yes, I came here twice in one week), I fed my inner child with the Peanut Butter Burger, which is topped with cheddar, bacon and crunchy peanut butter (the best kind, no argument). Want to spice things up? Go for the Torch burger. The fiery jalapeno jam packs a major punch -- so hot, in fact, that you might need to chase each bite with say, ranch dressing. And if you're underage or anti-beef, then the quinoa burger and craft root beer are for you.

There's more to this place than cold brews and burgers that require 12 napkins. In addition to a slight muffin top and a not-so-slight buzz, chances are you'll walk away with a new friend. I learned a lot about my waitress -- like the fact that her pants were unbuttoned all night. Apparently she'd been eating two or three Brewsters burgers a day since the place opened.

Brewsters 2837 Crockett St. Fort Worth, TX (817) 887-9233

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