Burger King is Developing a Sandwich to Challenge the McRib

USA Today just reported that there's a great rib sandwich smackdown in the making. Burger King, which has been hustling to capture new customers recently with inventive menu items like bacon sundaes and Cinnabons, will roll out a rib sandwich this summer.

Like the McD's original, the BK rib creation will have a slab of boneless pork, a tangy sauce and butter pickles on sweet bread.

Is this a line in the sand? Will McDonald's unveil a flame-broiled-flavored burger? Even better question: Will either McDonald's or Burger King ever add anything to their menu that actually tastes good? Well, there are those Cinnabons.

Now, please just to return to whatever you were doing for the day while we wait for Burger King to roll out these new sandwiches. Then the real bickering shall commence. Because as part of a progressive society, we are required to settle these kind of burning issues.


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