Canned Hunt: City Of Ate's New Scavenger Type Thing

Canned Hunt: City Of Ate's New Scavenger Type Thing

Consider this new feature an extended scavenger hunt.

You know how they work. Here's how we muck it up a bit: Each week we will select an item--something in a local restaurant or pub (or maybe in several restaurants and pubs). Locate it and write in with the correct details, you earn a point. Send photo evidence and you rake in four additional points.

We found a stash of gift certificates and other valuable stuff when the Marketing Department left their door unlocked one afternoon, so every three months we will reward those with the most points. Simple, if you go out a lot.

Two scavenger items this week:

1. The name of a restaurant/bar with a blue Dirk Nowitzki jersey framed and displayed on the wall. It must be a blue jersey, not a white one.

And because that's so easy, 5 bonus points for...

2. The name of a restaurant/bar where Tom Hicks Jr. might say "blow me fuck face" to one of the staff. (We know of two. If you have a third, you'll need to explain your proof).

As with any contest, COA writers are not allowed to win prizes or give hints.

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