Carl's Jr. Scientists Finally Shaped Ice Cream into a Burger. What Took So Long, Guys?

Carl's Jr., which has a location within a terrifying-close range to Observer headquarters, is testing the "Ice Cream Brrrger." Now, now: keep calm. A "brrrger" isn't actually an ice cream-flavored burger. That, sources say, is still a few months away, and will likely debut in Japan, where the really crazy shit happens.

This is simply an ice-cream sandwich that sort of looks like a burger.

We'd haul over to Lemmon Avenue to test this disc of chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two sugar cookies, but Carl's Jr.'s actually in the testing phase over in Orange County. Ugh, California. Surely, the Ice Cream Burger will make it down here right? Right??

Jealous of you, Stick a Fork In It.

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