Central Texas Pitmasters Aren't Going to SeaWorld

SeaWorld in Orlando this week announced it had invited local smokehouses to participate in its annual "Bands, Brew & BBQ" festival, an innovation that would make even more sense at the theme park's South Texas location.

But a spokesperson for SeaWorld San Antonio says the park has no plans to reach out to local pit masters. In fact, it's scrapping the program.

"That's an event we decided not to bring back this year," Brian Carter says. "Christmas and Halloween performed really well for us, so we'll be putting all our eggs in those baskets."

In a region where the availability of good barbecue doesn't qualify as a newsworthy event, "Bands, Brew & BBQ" failed to find a foothold, Carter explains.

"I think we have a good selection of barbecue here...so we've chosen to focus on other activities," Carter says.

Still, Carter clarifies SeaWorld San Antonio isn't getting out of the smoked meat game: The park this year partnered with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to host its barbecue cook-off in a SeaWorld parking lot.

"It was an established barbecue event we didn't have to create," a seemingly relieved Carter says.

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