Chanukah Doughnuts: Fried, Sweet
And Straight from a Can

Chanukah Doughnuts: Fried, Sweet And Straight from a Can
Jenny Block

Celebrating Chanukah means two things when it comes to food: latkes and doughnuts. I have a little trick for making doughnuts that I don't know where I learned, but that has served me very well. It couldn't be any easier. I use refrigerated biscuit dough, the flaky Pillsbury kind that comes in a roll. I heat up a few inches of oil in a large pan and then I make each of the biscuits into a doughnuts shape and drop them in the oil. A few seconds later I flip each one over and cook them until both sides are golden brown. As soon as I remove them from the oil, I roll them in either plain sugar or cinnamon sugar and viola, doughnuts. They are best eaten hot but can certainly be kept in a Ziploc for a day or two.

Note: These doughnuts make ideal hang-over food and are equally effective in scoring big points at your kid's next slumber party.

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