Cheap Bastard

It's no secret I've been A&E Obsessed with gas station taquerias recently. And you know what that means: Exposure therapy! (To clarify, "exposure therapy" doesn't mean I striptease to Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" at convenience stores. It does, however, mean that I get to eat a lot of salsa.) So, when I heard that a new taqueria just opened up on Buckner, I hightailed it.

In the back corner of Green Spot Market & Fuels (a hippie-lovin', vegetarian-huggin', biodiesel-sellin' gas station and organic market that is either blissfully unaware that it's in Dallas-Yukoning-Texas or is pretending to be unaware while banking on Dallasites' love of pricey organics) is a black chalkboard. And on that black chalkboard are most of my favorite words: "pork," "bleu," "crispy minis." Say some of those words to the nice ladies behind the counter, then close your eyes, count to happy and they'll hand you magic tacos. The Swine Blue is pulled pork, bleu cheese and cabbage slaw. The Marrakech is honey-lemon braised chicken, tomato, Jasmine rice and cotija. The Hippie Hollow is bulgur wheat, sweet corn, roasted peppers and tomato with spinach avocado salad. The Old School is Ancho chile-spiked beef with onion, lettuce and cheddar served in two crispy mini tacos (which makes it best bang for buck). They're $3.50 each.


Good 2 Go Taco

Good 2 Go Taco 702 N. Buckner Blvd. 214-668-0831

Beard to No Beard ratio: 2/7 SUVs to Not SUVs in parking lot ratio: 3/1

I liked the Marrakech and The Old School best. I have to say that it's imperative that you choose a hot sauce (from the whole counter full of options) to add to these particular tacos. I kept it simple and went with the Sriracha (I recently heard a friend refer to Sriracha as "cock sauce." Instant BFF.) on the Marrakech and Tabasco on The Old School. Now, they do change their taco offerings daily, so there might be some other tacos I didn't get to try out that are super spicy and don't need the help of cock sauce to amp them up. But these options were much happier with a little kick in the tortilla.

On your way out the door, pick a hippie bev of your choice ("Ooh! Ginseng!") snag some establishment-free chips and a Texas peach grown by a local farmer and drive your biodiesel-filled Hummer straight to NorthPark, you poseur. Go, Big D. (And go, Good 2 Go.)


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