Dallas Texadelphia founder Tom Landis has a problem. It seems the original Texadelphia Philly cheese steak sandwich shop on Leonard Street is in the way of a boutique hotel that will allegedly go up on the property soon. "I think by summer there will be a 200-foot hole down there," Landis laments. But Landis isn't worried. He's looking for a new, larger space somewhere in the uptown area. Besides, shutdowns are just as good a reason to party as births and successful hernia operations are. So to celebrate, Landis, who along with his partners just opened their fifth Texadelphia in Fort Worth, is going to have his customers throw the furniture around. On the last day of business April 30, Texadelphia will offer Philly cheese steak sandwiches for a buck and will host a "Welcome Bobby Knight to the Big 12" chair-throwing contest. Winners will scam two free tickets to a Texas Tech basketball game. Yet Texadelphia is not all the hotel will swallow. Construction will also force Traci's homestyle gourmet restaurant on Thomas to relocate sometime in November. God knows what they'll let diners throw around.

Chef George Greiser, the onetime Gershwin's/Fish toque bearer who's been locked down in McKinney at The Prison since last year, is vacating that post for a corporate position, the nature of which he won't specify. In his wake, he's leaving a revamped roster of Prison food. "It's going to be food. He's downscaling big time," Greiser says of Prison owner Allen Walker, who bought out partner Steven Bell at the end of February and changed the moniker to Prison Bars and Grill. Walker will also implement modest Prison renovations and is poised to hire a new chef...Now that Peter Tarantino has landed at Alvin Granoff's eccolo Ristorante.enoteca after a string of slots that included Caribbean Red and 8.0, he swears he's going to stay put for a while. "I'm on my knees every morning praying that I'll be able to keep one job," Tarantino says. At eccolo, Tarantino will serve as assistant manager and wait on tables. He adds the new Italian restaurant will have a broad menu with selections from all over Italy. "There's stuff I've never seen before," he says. "I mean I can't even pronounce the words. It's not a spaghetti and meatball place." "Enoteca," that funny looking word after the dot, means wine library or place of wine knowledge, according to Granoff. In that vein, eccolo will have some 200 wines as well as a daily shuffling selection of 40 wines by the glass. Granoff also says the interior of the former Toscana space has been dramatically reworked and now includes hand-ragged walls in "Italian colors," which mostly means yellow. "What was there was sort of this beige and brown," says Granoff. "It was sort of a diarrhea brown...It was boring."


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