Chef Joe

After a long search that included vetting, getting and bloodletting, Voltaire finally has found a new chef. He is chef Joseph Gutierriz, otherwise known as Chef Joseph. Chef Joseph trained at La Gastronome in the Basque region of France and Spain, and he's plied his trade at such places as the Arizona Biltmore L'Orange, the Princes Resort, also in Arizona, and the Ritz-Carlton in Spain. He also has owned several restaurants in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, France and Spain. And he's already drafted a whole new menu at Voltaire with things such as crab cake pearls (with cucumber essence), port-flamed sweet breads (served in a leek pouch), ginger-pickled moullard duck (with glazed sangria-infused sauce) and lobster in a box (don't ask). Chef Joe replaces New York born and bred opening chef George Papadopoulos who resigned and allegedly made his way back to the Large Pippin.

Dallas Texadelphia founder Tom Landis, who recently has taken to calling himself Mayor McCheesesteak, has nailed down a nine-point platform to gird his lunge for the Dallas mayor's office. Those points include: improving education (through programs to thwart English language deficiencies); full-service police and fire department health plans; streamlining the construction permitting process; potholes; downtown revitalization; going gung-ho over the Trinity River project; prodding development in depressed areas (Fair Park, South Dallas, etc.); encouraging more development around DART stations; and fostering Hispanic involvement in city politics. Oh yeah, there's a 10th one: "I think I can provide the entertainment value of a Laura Miller and still get stuff done," he boasts.

Given the enthusiasm over HBO's Sopranos series in recent years, it's no surprise Joseph "Joe Dogs" Iannuzzi has revised and expanded his Mafia Cookbook just in time for Christmas. Joe Dogs was a mobster de cuisine with the Gambino crime family before he became a culinary consultant to the FBI. Recipes are bunched together in "menus" and accompanied by place and date the dishes were first served, and to whom. For example, the shrimp scampi Gambino-style was first served in Hallandale, Florida, in 1982 poolside at the Diplomat Hotel. Those present were Checko Brown, Anthony "Fat Andy" Ruggiano and Skinny Bobby DeSimone. There's even a section for "cooking on the lam," which includes meatballs and clams casino among other dishes. Joe Dogs has crafted the perfect gift for those you love. For those you don't like so much, put a dead fish between the endpapers.


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