Coming to East Dallas, The Whistling Pig, a Bar with Food at the Forefront

The Cock and Bull's Reuben is about to have a little brother in The Whistling Pig's Cuban
The Cock and Bull's Reuben is about to have a little brother in The Whistling Pig's Cuban

If the Cock & Bull, the dark bar in Lakewood, had a shortcoming that really stood out, it was the lack of a deep fryer in the kitchen. I've gushed on and on about their Rebeun sandwich, but always silently lamented that it wasn't flanked with a side French fries. There were no chicken wings or corn dogs on the menu either, and the lack of golden brown has been a drawback on the bar food there.

It's not just that there was a lack of a deep fryer, but what that indicated in a larger sense -- that the kitchen at Cock & Bull was incredibly cramped and very limiting on what chef Asher Stevens could accomplish within its confines.

That's why the opening of a new bar called the Whistling Pig is so exciting. We're about to see Steven's cooking unleashed.

The Pig, which has hired Stevens as its chef, had a soft opening over the weekend, and will officially open May 1. Expect big sandwiches held together with melting cheese, as evidenced by a Cuban with smoked pork ham and Swiss cheese. There's also a pot roast melt an open-faced roast beef sandwich and a pastrami on rye. From the depths of a deep fryer emerge those corn dogs and chicken wings you've been yearning for. If you're looking for another East Dallas bar with a laid back vibe and decent food make sure to put The Pig in your rotation.

The kitchen will stay open until 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 1 a.m. on the weekends.

The Whistling Pig, 8786 Ferguson Rd #133, (214) 324-3186,

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