Cool River's Strawberry Flip Is Literally Telling Us to Cool Off

Keep cool with this acai cocktail.
Keep cool with this acai cocktail. Photo courtesy of Cool River
The writing is on the wall — well, on the drink in this case. Garnishes have gotten literal. Cool River's new summer cocktail, the Strawberry Flip, has a garnish that makes it clear that this is the right way to cool off this summer. Organic açai powder is added with a stencil to the top of the head, created by vigorously shaking a cocktail containing egg white (or in this case, meringue powder).

The only question is, if they have to tell you it's cool, is it?

The Strawberry Flip, $12: Hand-selected private label Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, strawberry syrup, lemon juice and bitters, topped with organic açai powder

Cool River Cafe, 1045 Hidden Ridge (Irving), coolrivercafe.com
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Susie Oszustowicz