Corn dogs are lightweights compared with other state's fatty foods.
Corn dogs are lightweights compared with other state's fatty foods.

Corn Dogs Aren't Considered Healthy Eats? Who Knew?

"No state is completely guilt-free when it comes to dishes with sky-high fat content," scolds the intro to's new state-by-state compilation of the nation's fattiest foods.

Problem is, the fat content for the corn dog selected to represent Texas stands at a modest 19 grams, which is pretty measly by modern Double Down standards. In the fat gram department, a corn dog's a match for McDonalds' Filet-of-Fish, which doesn't exactly strike horror in the healthy hearts of anti-obesity crusaders.

So the challenge to all proud Texas eaters is to make the corn dog worse for you. Fortunately, the list provides plenty of inspiration.

First, it's a clearly a mistake to build any dish around a hot dog, which turns out to be a caloric lightweight. Instead, corn doggers might consider borrowing their base meat from North Carolina, where a slice of livermush -- the classic loaf of pig parts that's beloved by mountaineers -- weighs in at 30 fat grams.

Corn, of course, poses its own problems. There's really no room for vegetables in the fat-collecting game, but tradition demands a meal-based breading. Happily, there's no rule against slathering the fried dog with a layer of reindeer fat, the ingredient that helps propel Alaska's akutaq to a 91-gram fat count.

Bacon's a gimme for fat lovers: By piling one-pound of it on a very special sandwich, a Michigan restaurateur secured a 192-gram wowzer for his state. While a few slices wrapped around a corn dog aren't likely to impress Michiganders, they'd still help boost the corn dog's fattage by a good 6 grams.

Finally, the improved corn dog should probably take a salutary dunk in gravy, which plays a starring role in chicken-fried steak (attributed to Oklahoma by and the 28 fat-gram hot beef sundae originated at Iowa's state fair.

Friends, unhealthiness is within our grasp. And with just three months to fair season, it's probably time to get cracking.


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