Crimson Asian Cuisine Now Serving Pho in West Village

Crimson Asian Cuisine Now Serving Pho in West Village
Lauren Drewes Daniels

Crimson Asian Cuisine opened last week at corner of Blackburn and McKinney in the West Village, serving pho and other Vietnamese dishes such as stir-fries, rice noodles and spring roles. The atmosphere is on the casual side. Not fancy, but nice. There's a decent size patio area out front and the dining room inside is small-ish, but efficient and has some tables tucked away in a corners and plenty out in the open.

The wait staff, when I was there anyway, was extremely eager. They want to help, explain, encourage and cheer you on. I tried a couple spring roles that were really good. The pho menu has beef ball, rare beef tenderloin, chicken breast and the "Crimson's Special" has sliced rare beef, brisket, beef ball and flank steak. The Pink Mistress with garlic noodles looks amazing.

In early August, owner Hanna Tran described the food to Pegasus News as, "Not Asian fusion, which is kind of played out, just fine Vietnamese food."

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