Dallasites are Full of Beans, According to

The locals here either have a thing for rice and beans - or an underdeveloped habit of using to order food for delivery.

The website recently released its city-by-city tally of the foods ordered most frequently in 2010. According to its calculations, eaters in Seattle tend to dine in on spinach naan, eaters in Atlanta favor a one-pound boneless wing combo and Dallasites place more orders for Milano's rice and bean plate than any other single item. didn't reveal how many orders it took to vault the $1.50 side to the top of its Dallas list.

The staffers at Milano's, a taco-and-pizza joint alongside a convenience store in far North Dallas, apparently weren't aware their plate had won top honors in's popularity contest.

"We sell it," a confused employee confirmed when reached by phone. "You want to order something?"

A manager wasn't available for comment, since he'd gone to the store.

While Allmenu's methodology may be suspect, its conclusion that the most popular time to place a delivery order nationwide is 7:36 p.m. seems fairly reliable - especially since that's right about the time last night I started rifling through Chinese restaurant menus.

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