Digg's Taco Shop: Yeah, We Can Dig It

Days after paying $3 at a Taste of Dallas taco stand for the blandest taco experience I've ever had, I was in serious need of taco redemption. (Thanks for punishing me for trying something new, Three Guys and A Taco. Maybe you were just off your game that day? I hope so. Get spicier.)

So I gave Digg's Taco Shop across from the SMU campus a shot. If you don't walk into Digg's knowing that you're in for a yuppie taco, I hope you figure it out once you hear the off-key, unplugged version of Train's "Soul Sister" blaring over the speakers and see the mural on the wall with the handwritten Bob Dylan, Coldplay and Colbie Caillat set lists on it. Colbie Fucking Caillat? I don't want any bubbly face in my tacos. I walked out based on the décor choice. Then walked right back in based on "But tacos are sold here."

Digg's tacos are pricey. Their taco combo, offering "any two tacos with cilantro rice and black beans," is $6.50. But the two tacos are stuffed to bursting, so that's nice. I had the braised free-range chicken taco and the fried Gulf shrimp taco. Each was served on double white corn tortillas that were warm, not-ripping apart. Perfect.

The chicken was juicy, nicely spiced and worked really well with the house hot sauce that was on the table. And their fried shrimp taco pimp slaps Chuy's Baja shrimp taco and then repeatedly kicks it in the taco junk.


Diggs' Taco Shop

Note: Digg's serves cerveza. And margaritas. They even have a margarita popsicle on the dessert menu. In my humble opinion, freezing any margarita is fucking stupid. Putting it on a stick just makes the process of getting booze to liver take even longer: fucking stupider. Tell me that margarita popsicle is actually booze-free and I'll continue to be happy with my decision to pass on the marg-pop experience.

Image-wise, this joint is as try-hard as Urban Taco and Taco Diner. But if you can get past that and bury your face into their fish taco (I hear it and I don't care), the resulting taco bliss will push that lame Colbie Caillat mural right out of your mind.


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