Domino's is Giving Out Free Pizza Today. So, Here are 10 Better Options for Pizza By the Slice

Serious Pizza
Serious Pizza
Catherine Downes

Today (October 23) Domino's Pizza is giving away slices of "handmade pan pizza" from noon to 2pm at each of their "participating location," although they fail to tell us which locations are participating. And each spot is only giving out 100 slices. So, let's just all guess and spend half an hour driving around for one slice of a bad pizza only to be denied when we get there, sound fun?

Maybe not.

But, we've got way better options. Due to the time constraints offered by the timing of this announcement (they just released it this morning), this is a little bare bones, but we'll give you a map down below and link to articles to help you make your decision on where to get a much better slice of pizza, even though it may set you back a few dollars. We all know that just because something is free, doesn't mean you should eat it.

For great pizza by the slice, consider:

Serious Pizza Oak Cliff Pizza Sal's Carmine's Pizzeria Porta Di Roma Pizza by Marco Pastazios Pizza Getti Pizza Lounge Besa's Pizza & Pasta

If you really want to buck the trend, try Epic Cone.

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Related Locations

Serious Pizza
Oak Cliff Pizza & Pasta

1315 W. Davis St.
Dallas, TX 75208-5345


Sal's Pizza

2525 Wycliff Ave.
Dallas, TX 75219


Carmine's Pizzeria

5365 Spring Valley Rd.
Dallas, TX 75254-3097


Porta Di Roma
Pizza By Marco

10720 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX 75230


Pastazios New York Pizza - Closed

5026 Addison Circle
Addison, TX 75001


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