Eight Food Delivery Options for the Flu-Stricken

Eight Food Delivery Options for the Flu-Stricken

Listen, I worry when you all get so sick. Let's try to contain this flu thing and all stay tucked in our beds this weekend (or longer if not feeling well). We all still have to eat, though. And if going to the grocery store then whipping up a batch of from-scratch chicken soup isn't possible, let someone else take care of that for you. Order in or have a meal delivered to a sick friend.

Artizone pulls in many local chef-driven gems and puts them in one box on your porch. Particularly, for your sick soul, the grocery and specialty food delivery company has soups. Like Gio's New York Deli chicken barley and cream of jalapeño and crab soup from Rex's Seafood. Really, if that doesn't make you feel better, nothing will. I'd also recommend some add-ons from Dude, Sweet Chocolate or Oh Brownie, a baguette from Empire Baking Co. and cheese from Scardello. Bam! You feel better already.

The Oak Cliff Soup Co. delivers fresh homemade soup to your doorstep, though for right now just in ZIP code 75208. Every soup on the menu sold out last week, but new concoctions are published every Monday. OC Soup will even deliver an Empire Baking Co. baguette. The soups come in 32-ounce servings for around $13 each and the ingredients are as fresh, local and organic as possible.

Roots Juices is a local juicing company that presses fresh juices daily. Each elixir is loaded with almost 3 pounds of fruits and vegetables, an easy way to refuel your body with vital nutrients it needs any time of the year, but especially during flu and cold season. They deliver across the area and the juices have a shelf life of three to five days. Mike Modano just tweeted a picture of a Roots loot. You know what they say? If Mikey likes it ... (Then it's gotta make you totally hot, because, dang, he ages well.)

Fullosophie [ful-ah-so-fee] is another new gourmet food delivery company that puts together DIY meal kits and ready-made meals. Foodbitch introduced us to this company: "The two ladies emphasize a "farm to fork" approach, featuring gluten-free, low-carb and vegetarian and kid-friendly options."

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