Eight Kitchen Items From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Convention season is upon us. San Diego Comic Con, where comic book companies and movie studies give fans just enough of a taste of upcoming releases to elicit a collective geekgasm, concluded yesterday. Next month, Lucasfilm is holding the fifth official Star Wars convention, Celebration V, in Orlando. The spotlight then will be on the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, arguably the best sequel ever made. Also next month is Dallas Comic Con, a boon for local collectors and fanboys and fangirls and those unable to attend this year's major conventions. City of Ate wants to get in on the socially awkward action with a list honoring the intersection of Star Wars and food. Because we know, you're probably a fan of George Lucas' cultural touchstone as much as we are. Seriously, you have your own light saber, right? 

1. Lightsaber Bottle Opener 
No more will you need a clumsy key-chain bottle open for the imports or craft beers profiled by Hophead. Impress your friends and significant others with your deft use of a weapon from a more civilized time.

2. Slave Leia Apron
The sexy, sexy of the force --For the men whose childhood (or teenage) loins began to burn when they caught sight of 1983 hottie Carrie Fisher. The thought of Carrie Fisher now gives us the heebie jeebies.

3. Space Slug Oven Mitt
What is most marvelous about this accessory is that it doubles as a hand puppet. Adults can growl, "I eat little children" to petulant whippersnappers when they get out line.

Eight Kitchen Items From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

4. Lightsaber Chopsticks and Mon Calamari Sushi Set
That's right, Admiral Ackbar, "It's a trap and the trap is my belly, fish face." The chopstick variants are only available via pre-order and the sushi plate set is in the prototype phase. However, we predict this set will be one of Star Wars Shop's biggest home item sellers. We wonder if our local sushi joint will permit us to bring them in to dine on toro and unagi.

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