Fish McBites Are Back, and I Can't Figure Out Why

Last February I saw a blog post announcing McDonald's latest and greatest offering. Fish McBites were introduced at the start of Lent to give Catholics a way to torture themselves through Easter Sunday. I ordered a small cardboard container of the fish nuggets and ate two or three before I was confident that Fish McBites were the worst thing McDonald's had created in some time.

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Shortly after I blogged about the little guys, Easter came and went, and then I never heard about them again. Now, they're apparently back for another test run.

On the hierarchy of fast food, Fish McBites are without a doubt on the lowest of echelons, definitely below mechanically separated chicken nuggets. The breading smells of cornmeal but tastes like the breadcrumbs you buy at the grocery store in a can and the sugar cube of Alaskan pollock that rests inside each nugget is so small deep-frying renders it almost dessicated.

Still, McDonald's is giving them a second shot. And if they sell enough they'll be a permanent menu item.


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