Five Gelato Flavors Capogiro Should Offer at Central Market

Capogiro Gelato, the Philadelphia-based dessert-makers we mentioned in December for offering a gelato-of-the-month club, has just informed us that their gelato will soon be available at Central Market. Lorenzo Merlo, who's in charge of wholesale at Capogiro, says Central Market has picked up their Cioccolato Scuro, Bacio, Pistacchio, Thai Coconut Milk (drool), and Cappuccino flavors.

"Come spring, they may add the mango sorbetto and the strawberry gelato."

We're super excited to hear that this gelato will be coming to a CM near us soon. And in addition to the delicious-sounding flavors that Central Market has already picked up, we've got a list of innovative gelato flavor ideas we'd like Capogiro to consider creating.

Lasagna gelato campaign icon idea?
Lasagna gelato campaign icon idea?

Lasagna. Duh, gelato's from Italy. This is a no-brainer. Can't believe y'all didn't think of it already.

Fully-loaded baked potato. Recently, we tasted fully-loaded baked potato popcorn and it was a home run. We don't see how this could possibly go wrong.

The only ice cream flavor this guy would like, probably.
The only ice cream flavor this guy would like, probably.

Jack & Coke. We've all seen beer-flavored gelato, and it's great and all, but there's one major letdown: It doesn't get you hammered. Make some Jack & Coke gelato, and make ours a double.

Sriracha. That shit's good on everything. Sriracha gelato would blow the uppity face off anything your competitors have to offer.

Five Gelato Flavors Capogiro Should Offer at Central Market
Sara Kerens

Chicken and waffles. It's sweet, plus savory, plus gelato! Fact: Chicken and waffles is delicious. Chicken and waffles plus gelato can only be more delicious. You could start a revolution.

Good luck breaking into the Texas gelato scene, Capogiro. Your current flavors look makeout-worthy. You can thank us later (in the form of lifetime of-the-month gelato subscriptions) for giving you all these awesome ideas for your future gelato flavors.

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