Anchor tenant at the Fly-By Food Truck Park
Anchor tenant at the Fly-By Food Truck Park

Fly-By Food Truck Park Opens This Weekend Near Love Field

Food truck parks sound great on paper, but out on the concrete is where the truth plays out. In Dallas, there have been some good ideas that just didn't pan out for whatever reason, then some awful ideas that died quickly. From the shakeout thus far, there's a spattering of places where food trucks conglomerate en masse successfully, the AT&T Arts Center and Klyde Warren Park being a couple.

But, people outside of downtown want need food trucks too.

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This weekend U.S. Food Trucks is opening a new food truck park at 2500 W. Mockingbird Lane (at Maple Avenue), called the Fly-By Food Park. U.S. Food Trucks is a one-stop shop for people looking to get into the food truck business. Among other things, they lease out trucks and provide a full service commissary for local trucks.

With the park situated at the southwest corner of Love Field, diners could seriously get some fly by's.

The next two weekends they're testing things with a soft opening, so keep it on the down low. On June 28 and 29 they'll really blow things out with a full-scale grand opening.

Regular days and hours (including this weekend) are 5-9p.m. Friday and Saturday. Beer and wine will be available for purchase and, just in time for summer, there is in-door dining with air conditioning. If you'd rather rough-it like old-school food truck parks, there are picnic tables on the patio.

The revolving line-up of food trucks at Fly-By include (but are not limited too): Eat Jo Dawgs, Little Greek, Tutta's Pizza, Oink and Moo, Parrot Icce, Crazy Pig, Enticed, The Butcher's Son, The Lab of The Streets.

Plus, there will be a DJ, Durty Laundry Truck.


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