Free Ice Cream Incites Child Locavore Riot

Free Ice Cream Incites Child Locavore Riot

Paciugo's West Village location showed off its recent facelift last night, throwing a party complete with free samples and the unveiling of three new flavors--Texas Pecan Sea Salt Caramel, Texas Peaches & Strawberries Sorbet and Chocolate Jalapeno--aimed at Lone Star locavore trendies. The Pecan Sea Salt Caramel recalled the mouthful of sandy seawater that often accompanies a boogie board wipeout in shallow water (only with pecans), while the Chocolate Jalapeno tasted like burned chocolate with a hint of spice. Somehow both were creamy and fine. However I don't try to understand it, I just eat it.

Would have sampled the Texas Peaches & Strawberries Sorbet, but the pressure of the rapidly increasing line behind us (I call this "Cafeteria Anxiety Syndrome") cut short the quest. Sure, those kids might look adorable, but believe me, they were pushy...

Free Ice Cream Incites Child Locavore Riot

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