Fuel City: Ignore the Hype and Find Better Tacos.

Fuel City is over-hyped. Yeah, I said it. At a little over a dollar per taco, the food here is cheap, sure. But the tacos are just good. Not "MIND-BLOWING!" or "AMAAAAZING!!" like I heard they were going to be. I'm not kidding—everyone I know who's been to Fuel City has talked to me about it in all caps like the tacos here are made by tiny, baby Jesus and served on winged angel butts.

I tried the barbacoa, the pastor and the picadillo tacos. (Note: It's cash only. Also note: There's an ATM approximately two baby side-steps away from the window inside the convenience store.) My tacos came with the usual taqueria setup of limes, green salsa (not that awesome jalapeño crema stuff from Pollo Regio, just your standard salsa verde), red salsa, cilantro and onions. The grease from my barbacoa taco soaked through three napkins on my lap. I'm not usually one to bitch about grease, since I pretty much lube my intestines in it daily, but this was excessive. I'm telling you, this taco was peeing grease (you hope that's not what she said). It was greasier than The Situation's situation.

The pastor taco was over-spiced. It wasn't super hot, it was like the person seasoning the meat thought there was a sprinkly top on the chili pepper only there wasn't a sprinkly top on it and so they accidentally dumped a whole jar of the stuff on top. And then they were like, "Here, Alice! Eat it!"


Fuel City

Fuel City 801 S. Riverfront Blvd. 214-426-0011

Cop count: 3 Longhorns (the animals, not the fans) chillin� nearby: 3

The picadillo taco was the best of the three. Ground beef and potatoes, spiced just right. The green salsa was nice on this one.

But the tacos weren't the highlight of my visit here. To be honest, the elotes (in this case, steamed corn plus squeezable butter plus sour cream plus hot salsa plus queso fresco) that I got from a cart out front of Fuel City was much tastier. And it wasn't even that great.

In the plus column, Fuel City is open 24 hours, which is pretty sweet if you're a hooker and you're already out near Riverfront (aka Industrial). But if you're not a lady of the noche and you're not out scoping ladies of the noche, I'd skip Fuel City and spend some quality taqueria time at the aforementioned Pollo Regio, La Paisanita or even Tacos Y Mas.


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