Fueling Up at Lunch at La Paisanita Taqueria is a Gas

So, after my Texaco station taco experience went so well, I decided I'd see what the competition at the Chevron at Park Lane and Greenville Avenue had to offer. Turns out, I've been really wasting my life away by buying Funyuns at these places when I could've been ordering tortas and agua frescas.

At La Paisanita, I ordered up two tacos (one barbecue, one pork) and out of pure curiosity also added a "zincronisada" (which Wikipedia tells me is actually spelled "sincronizada") to my meal. For me, the pork taco was much tastier than the barbecue taco. That first bite of barbecue taco meat made me stall for a second to ask myself, "Is this the taste of food poisoning?" But after covering it in cilantro and grilled onions and drowning it in green salsa, I had sufficiently masked the possible food-poisony undertones.

The pork taco, in contrast, was very nice. There was pineapple involved, which I always love, and the meat was tender without any giant fat chunks. On the Greasy Scale from one to 10 (one being pepperoni pizza and 10 being Little Richard's wig), I'd give it a solid 10. But hey, who'm I kidding with this meal? This isn't a light lunch, it's a foodathon. (Secretly, I'm crossing my fingers that it's laced with some kind of stomach virus. Gas station taquerias are a most efficient method of body cleanse.)


La Paisanita Taqueria Chevron Station at Park Lane and Greenville Avenue

Gas jokes I made after leaving the gas station with my tacos: 2 Percent weird it felt when the guy behind the counter told me, �Bon Appetit!�: 42

So, what's a sincronizada? A sincronizada is a world where it's completely OK to laugh at someone when they run into a glass door. A sincronizada is the happiest moment in your life with a cherry on top. It's that guy who broke your heart crawling back to you and then you heeling him in the eye with your bitchin' Jimmy Choo 'cause besides being totally over him now, you're also rich as fuck. Imagine the best quesadilla you've ever had in your life, slap yourself for letting that be the best quesadilla you've ever had and then try this: beef fajita meat mashed up with cheese and smooshed between two buttered-up homemade tortillas, then grilled. Skip the tacos and order two of these, and your forecast calls for 100 percent happy.


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