Go to Palapas for the Nachos If You Must, but Stay for Everything Else

Go to Palapas for the Nachos If You Must, but Stay for Everything Else
Catherine Downes

First, a quick aside. If you come to Palapas Seafood Bar and bury yourself in Tex-Mex you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Pick up a menu here and you'll find descriptions of some of the best Mexican seafood to be had in Dallas -- a great mix of ceviches, grilled fishes and tacos on hand-made tortillas served with great condiments. With so many plates of beans and cheese available in Dallas, you'd be a fool to come to a place like this and order the nachos.

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With that said, if you're a fan of carefully adorned tortilla chips you're going to have to come to Palapas and try the nachos. They are everything you could ever want in a rendition of the ubiquitous and often abused bar snack.

Just look at them:

Every bite is a Superbowl with this plate.
Every bite is a Superbowl with this plate.

Every component is nearly perfect. The chips are sturdy and stay crunchy to the end and the cheese is soft, pliable and applied generously without becoming overwhelming. Those beans aren't refried, but whole, and they're so soft they melt like refried beans in your mouth, while the skirt steak is salty and chewy. That guacamole might not knock the dust off your sombrero, but it will certainly disappear along with the rest of the plate if you're not careful.

Bring at least three friends to help you tackle this one and you'll save enough room to experience the best of both worlds. Order the tostadas topped with shrimp ceviche, or a whole red snapper cut open, splayed flat and grilled. And order another beer, relax and enjoy the breeze. The scenery may not be so great on Greenville Avenue but you can't have everything.

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Palapas Seafood Bar

1418 Greenville Ave
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75206


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