Greenz Is About More Than Salads and Creative Spelling

Lunch plate delivered to me at my table count: 1

Times my tea was refilled for me: 2

Actual waiters working in this establishment: 0



2808 McKinney Ave. 214-720-7788

When asked what I'd like to have for lunch, never have I uttered the phrase, "Ooooh—ya know what I've really got a craving for? Salad!" In fact, if I were ever within earshot of someone who said that, I think I'd be 100 percent likely to give them The People's Elbow. So, the odds of me trying out a place like Greenz (which specializes in making all kinds of frou-frou salads) were already slim to none—and then they had to go and spell their name like that. Ztupid. Its name almost out-stupids that damn Winetastic! place on Lemmon Avenue. Almost.

But, then I heard that they have recently started serving sandwiches. They have a pulled pork sandwich, a tuna salad sandwich, a chipotle chicken sandwich and even a couple more options that sound super tasty. It's like they finally figured out that if they just added a jar of mayo and some ciabatta rolls to their weekly grocery shipment that they could double their customer base. Works for me.

When I walked into the restaurant, the picture of the sandwich on their "New Sandwiches" menu poster looked so good that I decided I wanted to try that exact one. And then I realized that the sandwich in the picture wasn't one of the options. It was just some pretty stock photo they found. That kinda pissed me off, but then I read the words "pesto mayo" and I was immediately unpissed. For $7.95 I got the chicken pesto sandwich, which comes with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, roasted tomatoes and grilled onions and is slathered with a nice helping of pesto mayo on a toasty ciabatta roll. It comes with a side of sweet potato chips. (If you're not a sweet potato chip fan, I immediately know two things about you: First, there's something wrong with you in the head and second, there's something seriously wrong with you in the head. If you want fruit instead, they'll give it to you. Freak). The sandwich was great. The sweet potato chips were greater.

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel that I should mention that instead of just getting a water, I also got a Passion Tea that technically brought my total up to $10.23, which is a little over my usual $10 limit. It was worth it, though. That tea totally happy-ending-ed me.


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