Hall's Chicken Shack is a Trip to the Moon on Barbecue Wings

Lesson I should've learned a long time ago: Check your order before leaving the drive-through. I never check—feels rude, like I am questioning the drive-through lady's order-taking abilities. But after today, I'm changing my ways: From now on, I'm an A-Hole Drive-Through Order-Checking Person, just like the rest of y'all.

I went to Hall's Chicken Shack, which just opened a location on Forest and 75ish. The nice lady at the drive-through window (who exclusively referred to me as "Mama") told me they'd been open about two months since taking over Hawks Catfish. Hall's has five other locations in town, and at this new Forest location, other than changing literally a couple letters on the sign, the place seems pretty much the same. Hell, I'm betting that even the grease they're frying in is the same. Mmmmm.

I ordered chicken and waffles, and after waiting about 10 minutes for my made-to-order meal, I got my bags of food and gassed it. I could not wait to get a fork full o' fried chicken plus waffle plus syrup into my face.


Hall�s Chicken Shack

Hall�s Chicken Shack 8131 Forest Lane 469-330-7595

Times I uttered �Holy crap� with a mouth full of wings: 31 Times drive-through lady referred to me as �Mama�: 9

At home, I opened the to-go box and gasped: There's no chicken. There's only "and waffles." Whatthefuck!

There are few things in this world that piss me off more than a food fail. But luckily for me, in addition to my chicken and waffles, I had also ordered 12 additional hot wings with spicy barbecue sauce. And fried okra. And corn. OK, so maybe the drive-through lady was just looking out for my heart. Either way, the fried okra and spicy barbecue hot wings sent to my mouth straight from Gawd (Somehow these wings were both crunchy and sopped in sauce. Only superior beings can pull off something like that.) made everything all better. For starters, they were the meatiest wings I'd ever had, and for enders, there was sauce under my fingernails for days, so I had leftovers with me whenever I wanted them!

Not into spicy barbecue sauce? That's cool. Hall's offers as many sauce options as Pluckers. Go to Hall's. Order some chicken. Cry happy tears.

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