Hash Over

Deli madness

Maybe the next market segment ripe for plucking by the World Wrestling Federation is New York-style delis, at least in Dallas. In early January, Alan Gilbert of Gilbert's Deli filed a lawsuit against Dallas doctor Gary Morchower, his wife Elizabeth, and one of their progeny who has the funny name Jane Doe. The suit claims that in January 1998, Gilbert and the Morchowers argued, and the good doctor struck Gilbert with the deli's cash register, causing unspecified bodily injuries of the sort that plaintiffs are prone to endure. But that's not all. After the flinging of the till, Gilbert called the cops, at which time the Morchower clan decided it was time to leave. Gilbert followed them outside, urging them to hang around until the cops arrived. But the defendants would have none of that, and to make their point, they allegedly recommenced their attack on Gilbert, which included an assault by Morchower's daughter Jane Doe, who is described in the suit as a trained kickboxer. Her kicks, punches, and strikes caused Gilbert to drop to the ground, whereby Dr. Morchower entered the fray and, with the egging-on of his wife, Elizabeth, kicked and struck Gilbert into a fetal position, causing more lawsuit-style bodily injuries. (Neither Gilbert nor Dr. Morchower would comment on Gilbert's claims.) One wonders whether this deli fracas, which goes before a jury September 12, could have been avoided with a couple of two-for-one bagel coupons.

Mixed hash

George Papadopoulos, executive chef of Voltaire, has been promoted in that multimillion-dollar restaurant's hierarchy. He'll take on the role of executive vice president of the restaurant's management corporation, plus grab an equity stake in the restaurant. What exactly does that mean? "It means that Scott's voice is my voice," Papadopoulos says. "I now have a good piece of Voltaire, and I made them put a bunk in my office so that I can sleep here when I need to." Which means his stake must be pretty big. How big? Papadopoulos says the details have yet to be ironed out, but he didn't discount the possibility he could end up with a majority piece. "It's going to be a well-oiled machine," he boasts...Michael Cox of Star Concepts (Star Canyon, AquaKnox-Fishbowl) says he's just signed a lease to plug a Taqueria Cañonita into the new Lakeside Market upscale strip mall on Preston Road just south of Legacy Drive in Plano. Cox says the restaurant, whose only incarnation is currently in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, should be open by fall.

Mark Stuertz

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