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Eat Tibet free
It's almost nauseating how the entertainment industry flaunts its benevolence when there's a chic cause to latch onto. Millions of children across the globe die every year from diarrhea, but you don't see weepy Sharon Stones organizing star-studded oral rehydration salt fundraisers. It's not as chichi as, say, Tibet.

Still, the First Dallas Tibet House Freedom Dinner at the Gypsy Tea Room in Deep Ellum should be a stunner--showy celeb good works aside. The June 6 event will feature some of the metroplex's fiercest kitchen firepower, including Marc Cassel (Green Room), Nick Barclay (Barclay's), Doug Brown (Nana Grill), Jim Anile (The Landmark) and Clark McDaniel (Angeluna). It also has some pretty intriguing celebrity appearances scheduled. Composer-pianist Philip Glass is a lock, as are Tibet House New York officers Robert and Nena Thurman (Uma's parents). Actor Ethan Hawke could also pop up. Other tentatively scheduled talent includes pioneering punk poet Patti Smith, ex-Maniac Natalie Merchant, Tibetan singer Dadon, and the Tibetan dance group Chaksum-pa. Plus, Johnny Reno and the Lounge Lizards. Proceeds are earmarked for Tibetan cultural preservation. For ticket info call (214) 747-9663.

Mixed hash
Sometimes tasting Texas wine can be, um...well, let's just say swell salad dressing recipes come to mind. But the stuff does seem to get better each vintage, and the new releases could put all thoughts of a vigorous shake with an extra virgin olive oil to rest. This hope rests at Grapevine's 7th Annual New Vintage Wine & Art Festival, April 15-18. It will offer tastings, wine seminars, a Texas winemaker dinner, and the Vintage Chef's Brunch on Saturday featuring Green Room Executive Chef Marc Cassel with Jason Gorman (AquaKnox) and Clark McDaniel (Angeluna). General admission is $10 each day (events are extra) and includes a free glass, a free wine tool, and a trio of free wine tastes. That tool, by the way, is not a cruet. It's a cork puller. Call (800) 457-6338 for information...The place that once gave head, now gives bed. The expansive Henderson Avenue space that once housed Yegua Creek Brewing Company will be home sometime this summer to the Dallas extension of Austin-based Sierra Furniture, a showroom that offers original Southwestern pieces...Correction: in the March 25 review of Daddy Jack's Lobster, Steaks and Seafood in Coppell, I mistakenly referred to Daddy Jack's Wood Grill in Deep Ellum as the original Daddy Jack's. The original Daddy is on Lower Greenville. Damn that lobster insanity.

--Mark Stuertz

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