Henderson Chicken

Pieces of chicken I ordered but did not eat count: 0

Glass wall between the chicken and me count: 1

Recently, a chicken place opened on Abrams Road right next to my favorite doughnut shop. And since chicken and doughnuts is my dream meal, I'd been waiting for it to open up for a while. (It's like chicken and waffles plus sprinkles. Wake me from this dream, and I will finger you in the eyeball Three Stooges-style just before I ram you Randy "The Ram"-style) So, I actually stopped by for dinner, but you can go at lunchtime if you want and get the same meal, only with sunlight instead of sundark.


Henderson Chicken

Cheap Bastard

Henderson Chicken

8266 Abrams Road


Henderson Chicken's (yes, it's a direct descendant of the legendary Henderson) menu is simple: They have chicken parts. They fry them. They offer these fried chicken parts to you in a variety of combinations, all of which are listed on their menu. They explain how a two-piece meal can be a breast and thigh or a wing and a thigh or a wing and a breast or a breast and a breast. And it goes on like that forever. It was like they wrote their menu the day before their math teacher taught the class about factorials. They spent all this time telling you every different possible combination of chicken that you could order when instead they could've just written "Chicken!" on the board and that really would've taken care of it.

And with a menu that long, it seems like they'd offer a lot of different menu options, but nope—it's just the chicken, y'all. You want a side? Hope you like fries, because their side items consist of fries and fries. You want your chicken "spicy recipe" instead of just original? Add pickles and peppers. But, the great thing about Henderson's is that it doesn't matter that all they serve is chicken because the chicken is so delicious you don't need anything else. You're so distracted by juicy, somehow not greasy, fried chicken that your brain isn't even hooked up when you start shoving fries in yourself. They could offer dog poop and vacuums as side items and nobody would notice—this chicken's legendary.

While I ate, in addition to appreciating the dreamy chicken, I also appreciated the homey décor of this eatery. They had a super comfy couch, they DVR'd Perfect Strangers for me and my mail was right there on the table. Only negative was that my feline-acne-ridden cat was there. (It's take-out only, y'all.)


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