Here's the Rangers' $26 Hot Dog

Click to embiggen... for real this time.
Click to embiggen... for real this time.

Remember when Oscar Mayer came out with the "bun-length" hot dog? They ran a series of commercials featuring white-bread Americans at cook outs wondering what to do with that bit of bun remained after they'd taken the last hot dog bite.

This will not be a problem with the new Champion Dog, recently announced by the Texas Rangers. Even though its bun is custom-baked, the Champion Dog hangs out of either end by a few inches. It will come topped with chili, sautéed onions and shredded cheese, but the pictured dog includes sliced jalepenos and processed cheese sauce. At a cost of $26 dollars, the beast is intended to feed three to four customers, but you know scores of Rangers fans are going to go all Joey Chestnut on this thing after a few ice-cold beers. I predict at least one child is driven to tears during the first homestand.

City of Ate will undoubtedly conquer the Champion Dog, but I think it may take two of us. We have some time to prepare, though. Opening Day is still 11 long days away.

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