Hot Dish

Once upon a time, there was a natural foods store called Harthomp & Moran on lower Greenville which grew and grew and grew until it blossomed into a natural supermarket called Bluebonnet and was eaten by a giant called Whole Foods. That's no fairy tale, it's real life in the retail food chain. But what goes around comes around, if you remember your natural foods wisdom, and H&M is still thriving in a new, if less hip, location on Forest Lane, still offering a full range of the finest natural groceries as well as takeout sandwiches 'n' such. Remarkably, there's also a selection of natural, unmedicated meats--including gourmet exotica like ostrich. There is no guarantee you'll live happily ever after, of course. Remember Adelle Davis.

--Mary Brown Malouf

H&M Natural Foods, 9191 Forest Lane, 231-6038


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