Hot Dish

The Kozy Kitchen's label says it's "The Home of Delicious Desserts" and that's true, but you can't overlook that it also is the home of delicious breakfasts, because this is probably the best coffeecake you ever put in your mouth, moist with sour cream, laced through with brown sugar, cinnamon, and pecans. Mail-order and corporate gifts are the bread and butter of Nancy Wilbur's bakery, which is why it's located in a lost strip center off Ferndale and Northwest Highway. If you've ever bought a Lexus at Park Place, or had a piece of cake with your coffee at Borders, you already know about The Kozy Kitchen. But in case you drive a pickup, or only read papers you can pick up for free on a street corner, let me tell you that The Kozy Kitchen's coffeecake is worth waking up for. Call ahead to order.

--Mary Brown Malouf

The Kozy Kitchen, 10158 Shoreview, 553-0740


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