Hot Dish

There are as many Starbucks on our city's streets as stars you can see in the Dallas sky. A more frightening surmise: There are almost as many Starbucks as there are Gap's. Tell us, Faith Popcorn, how much coffee can we drink?! Wonder no more. Starbucks, ever ahead of the coffee curve, now makes coffee ice cream--two flavors, so far, and more on the way. Connoisseurs (and I am related to several) know that, next to vanilla, coffee is the best flavor for ice cream: The bitterness of the brew counteracts the blandness of the cream. And, what's better, you don't have to go into a Starbucks to get it. It's right there in your local Tom Thumb, so you can pick it up and have it at home for breakfast if you want it.

--Mary Brown Malouf

Starbucks' coffee-flavored ice creams. Available at Tom Thumb.


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