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I'm as tired of fruitcake jokes as I am of fruitcake; they're as endless as the stuff itself. This year, forget the fruitcake. Send them cheesecake instead. The jokes aren't really any better, but you don't have to douse cheesecake with liquor or serve it with hard sauce to make it palatable. Of the dense and creamy rather than the high and dry persuasion, Mazelle's Cheesecakes are delicious as is--plain vanilla or in a variety of flavors, including a holiday cake with bits of red and green peppermint. They freeze perfectly, they're totally luxurious, you can order them by mail or fax or you can buy them at selected stores.

Mazelle's Cheesecakes, 214-620-0006, FAX 214-620-0142.

--Mary Brown Malouf


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