Hot Dish

Shannon Wynne had two good ideas and put 'em together the way Lewis Carroll invented vocabulary. The Flying Saucer is Wynne's new not-brew-but-beer-pub in Fort Worth's Sundance Square; according to The Fly Paper, the Saucer's newsletter and menu, it serves 60-odd draught beers and nearly 150 bottled beers. Plus cider, root beer, non-alcoholic beer, and wine. And oh yeah, sandwiches. The name, an idea totally disconnected from the beer concept, comes from the hundreds of souvenir plates all over the walls and ceiling that constitute decor. And that led to the entertainment at the opening last weekend: Kumar the Magnificent and his fantastic plate-spinning act, familiar to those of us raised by Ed Sullivan. In his heyday, Kumar could keep 15 plates spinning on the table and on the poles. At the Flying Saucer, he managed 10. Still, truly a hot dish.

--Mary Brown Malouf

The Flying Saucer, 111 E. Fourth Street, Fort Worth. (817) 336-7468.


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