Hot Dish

Potato chips are indisputable junk food. But the ones Two Sisters cooks up you could legitimately count as a vegetable--the thin gold curls, barely dusted with salt, actually taste like potatoes. There's only one sister at Two Sisters now; Connie Mansfield's sister has left the business, but Connie still caters out of a space on Ross, and her kitchen stocks the tiny little store tucked into a corner at Monticello and McKinney. Besides chips and sandwiches (like roast pork loin with chutney on wheat for less than $6), Two Sisters has a daily menu of take-out entrees, vegetables, and desserts such as hearty vegetarian chili (good spice for a nice price), stuffed beef tenderloin by the pound, daily enchiladas, salads, and a selection of chutneys and salsas (try the kiwi).

--Mary Brown Malouf

Two Sisters Catering To Go, 3111-C Monticello, 526-1188.


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