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Mozzarella Company, Dallas' only cheese factory, is famous for its fabulous goat cheese, its fresh ricotta, and even for its mozzarella. Now owner Paula Lambert has actually invented a new cheese, a mozzarella made from a mixture of goat's milk and cow's milk (cow's milk because goat's milk doesn't have the chemical properties to become a string cheese). The result has all the new-tasting tang of goat's milk cheese, chevre, and the melty, creamy texture of mozzarella. It won a blue ribbon from the American Cheese Society in a competition at the Culinary Institute of America. It's so new it hasn't been named yet, though there were a thousand entries in the Mozzarella Company's contest to name that cheese. (So far, "capriella" is the front runner.") It's available at Whole Foods and at the factory in Deep Ellum for $10 a pound.

--Mary Brown Malouf

Mozzarella Company, 2944 Elm St., 741-4072


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