Hot Dish

My nomination for best rotisserie chicken in town--in a culture crawling with rotisserie-cooked chickens--is the herb-rubbed, tender-fleshed, crisp-skinned one now available from Ziziki's new Mediterranean Market, right across from the same-named, sort-of-Greek restaurant in the courtyard in Travis Walk. Now that Costa Arrabatzis and Mary Cloutier have built the restaurant into a chic little place where you can't get a table, they've opened a smaller to-go shop so you don't have to even get a table. You can get your chicken, your spanokopita, your Greek salad, pita, feta, and dolmades and take them home to your own table.

--Mary Brown Malouf

Ziziki's Mediterranean Market, Travis Walk (Travis and Armstrong), 521-2233.


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