Hot Dish

There's a reason Piggie Pies specializes in delivered pizza. You get a substantial discount if you dare to pick up your pie, but honest, Piggie Pies only looks like it's being run by a bunch of bikers who turned in their hogs for Piggie. The truth is that Jesse, pizza chef extraordinaire, and the rest of the crew turn out excellent pizzas, and the taste level and imagination at Piggie goes way past pepperoni. For instance, our favorite pie is topped with leaves of fresh spinach, goat cheese, Alfredo sauce, and grilled chicken breast. But you might prefer the one with artichoke hearts and feta, or homemade pesto and red bell peppers.

--Mary Brown Malouf

Piggie Pies, 4141 Matilda St., (214) 821-6465.


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