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Everyone knows The Gingerman is the epicenter of Dallas' brew culture: It's not anywhere near as big as a brewpub, but what these people know about beer and are dying to tell you is everything--they've been drinking beer a long time. The beer, cigar, and wine tastings at The Gingerman are regular events for foamheads; since the holidays are here, it's only fitting that The Gingerman, too, gets a little fizzier--they even have the occasional champagne tasting. If you're undecided which cuvee to pop for your gala, if you are considering jumping on the stogie wagon, or if you're bored with your current brew, you'll want to check out the tastings at The Gingerman. For more information, call (214) 754-8771.

--Mary Brown Malouf

The Gingerman, 2718 Bell St.


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