Hot Dish

We want fresh-made pasta, fresh-ground coffee, fresh herbs, and just-squeezed juice. In the age of convenience, we value immediacy, freshness, and old-fashioned "elbow grease" more than ever. So don't be surprised that the Great Harvest Bread Company actually grinds its own flour right there in the bakery and makes it into startlingly fresh-tasting, American-style bread with no preservatives, fats or oils, or artificial flavoring. Honey whole wheat is my favorite, but there are lots of varieties and some sweets, too, like the gigantic chocolate-chip walnut cookies. Check it out. There are always loaves of bread set out with butter and honey, so you can try before you buy.

--Mary Brown Malouf

Great Harvest Bread Co., 6627 Snider Plaza, 373-


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